Blithe Spirit

Veranstalter: Orange Planet Theatre in englischer Sprache
von N.Coward

Foto: Orange Planet Theatre

Two women, one dead, the other very much alive, want the same man – their husband. It all starts with a spiritistic séance... Charles Condomine, a successful novelist, wishes to learn about the occult for a new book he is writing. He invites the equally sceptical Dr and Mrs. Bradman and arranges for an eccentric medium, Madame Arcati, to hold a séance at his house. During the séance, Madame Arcati inadvertently summons Charles‘ deceased fi rst wife Elvira. Only seen and heard by Charles, Elvira immediately sets out to disrupt Charles’ marriage to his current wife Ruth... And so the “play” begins... Black humour with unexpected twists and turns... Famous English playwright Noël Coward at his best!

TERMIN: Verschoben auf 14. November 2021 um 19 Uhr